SEO Strategies for 2015

Dear friends the year 2015 is near to us and we should make a clear plan how the SEO will work in 2015 and how our websites ranks. This is the time to revamp the website and make a goal in our business.

SEO Strategies for 2015 - We should follow the following basic steps first:

1. Clear the Websites Errors and Warnings Shown in W3C Validations
2.  Increase the Desktop and Mobile Speed shown in PageSpeed Insights
3. Insert Google Analytic Code to see the customers
4. Verify Google webmaster code to indexed the website and clear the errors.
5. Add XML.Sitemap to webmasters
6. Decrease the Website Loading time
7.  Share the websites in Social Media websites Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Likedin
8. Do Customers Interaction and reply them
9. Follow Unique Content Marketing
10. Image Sharing
11. Question & Answer Participation
12. Share your Videos
13. Make your website Mobile SEO friendly and optimization

If we follow the above steps to our websites means, we are safe and good from any Panda & Penguins.

Don't worry about any SEO articles and blogs about the updates and algorithms. Make the website for customers and do SEO for Customers, don;t do for the Search Engines, forget the Google. Before starting the website or any work the planning is important and work according to it. Don't copy from others.

The above pic is the example. Everyone is running to be first, but all can't win and the success goes to one who follow practices.

Without practice, hard work, confidence you can;t win and success. Practices make the person to win and achieve. The famous proverb "practice can make a man perfect"

same follow your websites also. Follow the same methods you work, don't make the Customers fool and stop cheating the customers. Create the website for them and do seo for them. At Sudden you will the top for all searches by following the authentic method in SEO and the Websites.

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